Thursday, December 2, 2010

I can't believe it's almost Christmas!!

     I am sooooooo not ready this year. Is anyone else having a big case of ''behind the times"?

     My cards aren't even made yet!! Normally I have them addressed and ready to go in October....October! I may have to forgo the special art work and send regular ol' boxed cards. THOSE I have on hand!

     Decorating is a joke! Dear daughter and her papa` have decided that NOW is a great time to paint her room. Really? (she says sarcastically) My living room is a bedroom, my hallway, a storage locker and she goes to bed at 10pm (she's running late tonight....thank goodness) so I can't sew or watch TV (no, I don't have a TV in my bedroom) until the wee hours (okay,11-11:30 pm isn't the wee hours).

     Where am I supposed to put my trees? Yes, trees, plural. On her bed? At least the lights are up outside and the decor is down and ready to be put up. And the Universe? Oh yeah....that baby will stay up until past Epiphany. All year if I could get away with it. LOL

     Shopping? Nope. Not. One. Gift. Purchased. That is so very unlike me.

     Here's the thing: I don't feel stressed about it. I know, right? I should be freaking my guts out, but I know things will be just fine on the big day. We'll wake up; sing happy birthday to 8lb 6oz baby Jesus; sit in the big bed and open our stockings; eat a light breakfast, open gifts, get bored, prepare the evening's repast and relax by the fireplace. We don't even have to travel this year....we did that at Thanksgiving!! 

     I almost feel a sense of freedom not opening all my dishes and knick-knacks and putting up all 7 trees. I LOVE, love, love the decor, but I love serenity too. 

     Two trees, one Universe, one Nativity, a few outdoor lights, a little shopping.....I could get used to least for a little while. ;-)  In about 8-10 years when I get grands....the insanity will begin all over again!!!

     Merry Christmas!!


  1. 8 to 10 years huh? Life may suprise you my friend :) I can't believe that you put up 7 trees. Are you crazy? Actually I think I know the answer to that one :) I'm glad that you are enjoying this season even though it is different that what you usually do. I'm hoping to have all my stuff done in the next 2 weeks so that I can really enjoy the baking and such that can usually be very hectic in the last minute. Ho Ho HO!

  2. I didn't even think about my baking!!! I give food gifts, but I have my take away containers and a slew of old and faithful recipes.....dang!! Okay, now I am a teeny bit stressed. LOL

    Yes, My kids could surprise me, but I'm just ballparking it here. :-)