Monday, April 30, 2012

Button Down Your Stuff

A couple of months ago I got the cutest little set of fabric buttons made from Reunion fabric by sweetwater. I HAD to have the buttons. A-dor-a ble! Their label Crew project that month was a pattern for three cute little pouches/bags.I finally got around to making a little bag. 
It's 5.5" x 5.5".....
Perfect for: small camera
                  cords and chargers
                   pair of glasses
                   2/3 of a nook e-reader (yes, it fit...super tightly, but it did fit)
                   receipts/coupons/other small paper goods
                   a couple of rolled up undies

Well, you get the idea. Now for the pics...................

Look, I even paid attention to the directional fabric!! So proud.

EEekkk. I should probably top stitch that, huh?

A size comparison incase 5.5 x 5.5 makes no sense in your brain. I always like a good visual.

I've really been enjoying small, quick, easily finished projects lately. They make me feel accomplished, especailly while I am in the middle of longer, more involved projects. 
A nice little pick-me-up, if you will.

Do you like to take a small break from a big project and finish a little something too?
OOOorrrrr, are you a one project kinda person?
Nosy Nellie's  Inquiring minds want to know.......


  1. Totally cute! You need to make a larger one for your Nook. Cute fabric too! I'm personally a kinda all over the place project girl. I have multiple things going on at one time. Keeps me from getting bored but not so great on getting things done...ha!

    1. i hear that...lost of UFP's in my house too.

    2. Too cute for words :-)! I think I will try to figure out how to make one for my books. I am a reader and I ALWAYS have a book with me.

  2. Lindo!
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