Sunday, April 8, 2012

It's in the bag, baby!

I did a little bit of sewing this week.....a very little...bit by bit....10 minutes here, 20 minutes there, 5 minutes to ponder the next time I might get a few minutes.........

What did I make?(in addition to finishing my steampunk Easter wares) A simple little grocery bag in AdornIt's Long Live Vintage fabric line. I ♥ it big time!!

As you can see, four different fabrics combine to make it all pretty aaannnddddd....... reversible! All the stitching makes it functional.

 Full frontal baggery
 I can't wait to take it on its first grocery store run. Okay, I can wait, it's just too pretty to get all dirty from shopping.
I'll letcha know how it compares to the beater canvas bags I already already is heads and tails cuter, that's for sure! 

The bag is a pattern from Keykalou. Very easy....v-e-r-y.
My friend Karen says it's  "f  t  s" fun to sew!
Actually, it was! 
The corner treatment is much different than I am used to but easy peasy nonetheless.
If you feel the need to be green and stylish, this is your bag, baby!


  1. Very nice :-)! I love the fabric combinations. I cannot wait to have the skill to be able to look at all of the beautiful fabrics in the different colors and patterns and be able to put them together to make something 'sew' creative. My eyes and mind do not work that way yet. Great job :-)!

  2. So cute! And if it gets dirty....throw it in the washer :) Glad you had fun with it!

  3. Great looking bag! I want to see it in person to see how big it is.

    1. it's a little bigger than the plastic bags from the market and not quite as big as the paper bags from Raley's

  4. i LOVE this pattern! it looks great!