Monday, April 9, 2012

Grocery Bag Review

Yesterday I posted that I made a loverly grocery bag. It IS pretty and if I could get more of that stripe, I sooooo will, but I digress....

As promised, I took my new bag to the store and compared to my old, crusty canvas bags.

1 - Looks, the new bag sooooooo wins
2 - Size.....that's a tie
3 - Sturdiness.....that's a tie
4 - The right squareness for groceries.....tie
5 - Where the old and crusty wins....handle placement
Bear in mind, this is a highly subjective issue.....I have one peep that LOVES her keykalou grocery bags and 4/5 is a really good score....really good. I just like the way the bag is carried with the handles attached in a different way. 

Size wise, pretty similar...right now they have differing amount of stuff in them, but they pretty much hold the same volume of stuff.

See how the sunflower bag has the handles attached front and back?
The new bag has the handles attached front to back.

Maybe if they were a tad longer............I just don't know.
The bag is a keeper and I will make it again with the handles attached front and back and just a smidge longer. I will use canvas next time for some stiffness.
Overall score: 4/5 stars.....5/5 for easy to sew.

Do you have a favorite grocery bag pattern? Do you love this keykalou pattern? 
What say you?

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  1. I love that pattern also. One thing I did (actually it was my son's suggestion) is to put a small loop in the center of one side of the bag, at the top, so that the grocery checkers could loop it onto that pokey-outy-peg-thingy on their plastic bag dispenser/holder thingies (I assure you these are all technical terms). And the first time I used it at Safeway, the gal slipped that loop onto the peg without prompting, like she'd been doing it for years :-) I do agree that the handles are a bit short, so I did lengthen them on subsequent bags and that works better for ME, but not quite as well on the plastic bag dispenser/holder, but with the loop, it didn't seem to matter so much. And did you see she has the template and cutting directions for a mini-bag (free, although you do have to know how to put it together by purchasing the regular-size bag)? They are sooo cute! I've made a bunch of them in various "animal" prints to use for meat/fish/poultry, since no matter how many cloth bags I bring to the store, they seem to insist on using plastic for SOMEthing, like I have most of them "trained" now to use those smaller ones for the packages of meat - no contamination onto the other groceries, AND no plastic coming home with me! The only thing I don't like (and don't like is a bit strong) is that they take so much fabric. That's ok as long as I'm making them for myself or close friends or family, but gets quite expensive if you want to make them for just anybody. What am I saying? I have more fabric in the basement than anyone should be allowed to have! I could make HUNDREDS of them and not make a dent, LOL! Happy bag-making!

  2. The bag is very pretty - too pretty to use for groceries. Use it for something else and make another one for groceries!

  3. I would use it for a beach bag. I love it. However, I am one that likes the handles better the way the sunflower bag has them. Amazing job you did. I make my bags out of recycled denim!

    1. up cycling is very in an you can never go wrong with denim!