Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What do you do with a leftover cobbler?

A cobbler style apron that is!!!

You upcycle it! That's right, Earth Day is this weekend and I am participating in a blog hop. The challenge is to reuse/recycle something by channeling your bad crafty self!

My item to reuse/upcycle: A cobbler's apron that was a requirement when I was a memeber of the Contra Costa Guild of Quilters. We wore it at the quilt show when we worked it. Now they can wear any style apron. :-P~

See the guild block.........

A closer look..... 


I already cut off the ties and used them in a dress I made awhile back.
I never, ever liked this apron......it shifted and hung all funky anytime you put something in the pockets.....very uncomfortable and truly unflattering...and I was a lot thinner way back when...like 20 pounds!

What will I turn it into? You'll just have to wait for the big unveiling Saturday. I am even reusing some scraps to add to my project because I cut this puppy allllllllll to pieces!

Happy Almost Earth Day