Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quilt top done!

I started it awhile back, then the baby came early, then I kinda got into other stuff, but I decided I needed to "get 'er done." Sooooo me and  Lily-bit went to work.

The progress:

Miss Lily was not much help. Every time I got up, she hopped up. 
That table top is super clean because I had to wipe it down a whole bunch. LOL

Now, to get a cute backing fabric and sandwich away. I am machine quilting it for ruggedness and I am pretty sure there will be a fair bit of free-motion design involved. It'll be a surprise to us all. LOL


  1. Which baby came early? Not the grandbaby???

  2. Great quilt top and I just love your Miss Lily. She makes a lovely helper.

  3. Miss Lily is a beauty! I remember how that long hair could get on everything, though. I still have a big stash of those adhesive rollers in my sewing room to deal with the kitties. Oh, and the quilt top is adorable, too! Love that binding.

  4. LOVE all that pink!!!! and the kitty is beyond gorgeous too! :)

  5. LOVE it! LOVE it! and Little Miss Ellie will LOVE it too! Thank you Auntie Gramma Regena!