Monday, October 11, 2010

Background play

     I've been trying to make my own backgrounds. (Like I need something else to distract me  LOL) Blogger makes adding a photo kind of easy, but there is little room for manipulation. You can go to some other blogs and upload/borrow a ready made background in html (would LOVE to know how to do that myself).

     In honor of my friend Hannah getting cable and, thus, being able to enjoy Project Runway with me, I have "Gunned" my background. Not like I thought it would look, but I"ll keep evolving and learning.

     In the mean time, any great tutorials I should investigate so I CAN make my blog more me????


  1. i'm no help on html programming...i'm a programming moron. i use the free stuff because I can, but when you figure it out can you send me some dumbed down instructions?
    the cookies look yummy.

  2. Forget the programing......send me the cookies! There's candy corn on them!!!!!!

  3. K, one must get their veggies anyway they can. LOL

    CA, if I figure it out, I will send instructions.