Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why is it always where you aren't looking?

    Yesterday, I spent far too much time looking for some drawings and measurements I made for my Fiesta! aprons.
     I am in Shawnee's Halloween Apron Swap and my swappee is a similar size to the lady I made the apron for and I wanted to use my drawings as a base for my apron.
    WWeeelllllllll, I looked high and low, up and down, in and out and everywhere in between. I recently cleaned, thinned and rearranged my whole desk area so I was dang sure I knew, just KNEW, where I had stashed my little white paper. I was wrong AND I was right.
     The paper is actually yellow and 5 x 7, not white binder paper. It's still attached to the pad I drew on, not loose. It has been sitting under another pad, are you ready for this? RIGHT ON MY DESK!! Hello!!!! Oh yeah, the part where I was right: I did save the paper. LOL
    I was getting ready to redraft everything and God said. "Gotcha!" Gotta love and hate that cosmic sense of humor, don'tcha?
     Paper in hand, fabric to cut!