Monday, October 18, 2010

Can you take 5 yards of fabric and make it fit a 34" waist?

I can now!!!! Cartridge pleating, (proper term: gauging,) is easy, beautiful and fun! It is so much nicer than gathering and you can really get some serious fullness in a period  skirt. I can't wait to learn to do a split waist band next!
And then a little men's tailoring skills.......loving sewing life right now!!!

yes, I petted the pleats, it's awesome!!!!! It's soooooo pretty!   


  1. Looks awesome, but I can't afford to buy the 12 yards of fabric it would take to make it around my waist.......:)

  2. you only need 4 yards, 5 max. After than it gets really heavy. The is 5 yards...the pleats will get spaced more loosely than they are now. but they look sooooo good all squished up tightly. :-)
    Now, let the grommeting begin........

  3. that would be great for making curtains! not that I'd make curtains but if I did I'd want them all full like that...a short valance type over the window...i can see it now.

  4.'s beautiful :D