Thursday, October 21, 2010

Setting Grommets

This technique is the same for using the grommet pliers or the hammer/mini anvil method. I was lucky enough to borrow a hand press. Thank you Liz from Pink Depford Doll Costumes!!
Here we go:
Gather your tools: grommets, press and an awl (shown later)

Male and female grommet parts up close and personal
Mark the grommet placement on the FRONT of your fabric. If you are using thin or delicate fabric, reinforce the grommet area with canvas or some suitable stabilizer.
Use the awl to gently make a hole from front to back. This method pushes the fabric aside   instead of cutting or breaking the weave. This gives you a stronger hold.

Push the male end of the grommet through the fabric and make sure your fabric is clear of the opening.

Lay the female end over the fabric and the male grommet. Set on your choice of tool.

Press (in this case) or squeeze the pliers,  or hammer the male end.

This is the inside of the grommet. See how the male end evenly curls over the fabric locking the female washer onto the garment?
The ''show" side.  Is that cool or what??? Only 28 more to go........


  1. Doesn't seem like much fun for the male end :)

  2. you had me at "hammer the male end"

  3. Great, now I write sewing s&m. LOL
    Sometimes there is just no way to describe something without sounding like a a......okay.... when male and female parts are used, there just isn't a safe way to describe them at all. LOL

  4. Thanks for the idea to use an awl. I just made a corset type top and had to out in eyelets and just used scissors. An awl would have been so much easier! Don't know why I didn't think of that!

  5. it needs to be the kind that is narrow at the tip and gets larger.