Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rain drops on roses and potholder messes

I made these. I really wanted to send these out. Really. But seriously, yuk-o-rama! 3 layers of batting and they still aren't protective enough. My corners are off and my stitching.............yikes! This is what I get for trying to avoid  binding the edges. I can make a corset, but I can't make a potholder. LOL  Can you say 'lame'? Sure, I knew you could.
I will try again will the proper insulating materials (even tho everyone tells me this works great. maybe I just have heat sensitive hands) and binding.

Maybe I will make some with this wonderfully horrible fabric from the 70's. The actual 70's, not a retro print. When the Brandy Bunch ruled the airwaves, this print was the bees knees.  I've got enough for two full aprons and a couple of potholders. it's gonna be fan-flippin-tastic! I see an ugly/pretty apron is someone's future.....but who's???????


  1. Oh my goodness! We had an orange sofa and avocado green shag area rug in the living room. I know I've seen that fabric before somewhere... maybe it was a bad dream I had as a kid :) Gosh my mom would love it still :)

  2. I know, right? It's just awful and I love it!

  3. Have you purchased Insul Bright by the Warm company? I did the same thing you did, so went to Joannes & picked some up. I love the retro fabric...but then, I am a throw back to the Hippie days!

  4. no local store carry insulbrite but I will order it before I try the art of the potholder again.