Tuesday, October 12, 2010

R-O-W-E-N-T-A What does that spell?????

Crap! Calc! Sputter! Spit! 
Waste of good money! Feel free to add to the list.
It's not even two years old and I have to de-clac it every time I want to use it. No one wants an iron that leaves a trail of little crumblies. 
Can you guess who was ironing black fabric and got a crumbly,  white trail??? Can you guess who had a bit of a fit? Sure, I knew you could. (use your Mr. Roger's voice)
I just may have to got to Wally World and pick up an el cheapo Black and Decker for 19.99
Rant over. Now back to regularly scheduled blogging.................


  1. yes yes been there as often as yesterday on the mini quilt...my Sunbeam left some iron dribble on the white fabric (of course not the dark blue). I don't think it's a matter of brand or cost - irons are mostly badly behaving contraptions.

  2. This rowenta is not all the hype claims it is...let me tell ya. My old b/d that hubby took over for ironing on laminate trims is stillllllll going!

  3. I bought my Rowenta last year....(I went with the whole German pride in workmanship thing) anyhoo.....it's a pain in the dingleschwinger valve if you ask me. I have a feeling that the Germans are outsourcing these irons to Sri Lanka!

  4. my mom bought me a rowenta when i had my starter husband and i had up until i moved in with the current husband....it was a good one but almost 20 years old now i have the trusty Sunbeam

  5. maybe they used to be really good.