Friday, September 23, 2011

Closet progress......Already? I know, right!

I just sucked it up and did the big sorting today. I was dust covered and NO spider bites!!!
I can now rest easy until after the mil visit and then start doing the detailed sorting. 
I still can't believe the transformation!!!!

        The left side before                                                             The left side after

         The right side before                                                                    The right side after

 1 Large bag of garbage and a few boxes of donations

4 Bags of fabric and notions that will be donated to my daughter's school's home ec department.
Some fashion fabric yardage, but mostly quilt fabrics for their charity projects.

 I still can't believe it was all in that small closet!! In October, I can start the process of parting with stuff I like and stuff that is in boxes on the upper shelves. Parting with patterns will be hard, but I can do it!!!
Maybe I should do this to my bedroom closet......a January project for sure!!!
I may just get to sew tomorrow after all!!