Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sammie with a twist

Turn your sandwich world 'round and 'round by rolling your favorite fillings into a giant tortilla!
You can use plain (like I did), spinach, sun dried tomato; there are lots of flavors out there!! Even gluten free and whole wheat options! Give 'regular' a kick in the pants!

How can you take something you do and kick it, just a tad?
Add little brown sugar instead of white in your tea or recipes.
Drink a different flavor of soda.
Try a new spice at dinner time.
Have chicken tacos instead of beef. 
Use pepper jack instead of plain monterey jack.
Get a new apron.....better yet......make one!!
Roast you veggies instead of boiling them.
BBQ something you normally bake.

Give regular a kick in the pants today!


  1. I make wraps like this but instead of lettuce I use baby spinach, it's more vitamins and better for me.

  2. That looks so yummy! I want one! I love wraps! :)