Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Fall and that means B-A-K-I-N-G!

Yes, it's finally cool enough to bake nearly every day now!! And this year, I really seem to be wanting to improve my baking skill set. (and enlarge my waistline in the process. or at least someone's waistline lol)  Not that I haven't braved the 100ยบ weather and did it anyway, it'll just be a lot more fun now. LOL   
Next week, I will be perfecting my caramel apple pumpkin cheesecake recipe. Tutorial to follow said perfecting.

We all have kitchen gadgets. We all have a couple we just reach for automatically. Well, I do anyway.
Here's a few of the things my kitchen would feel nekkid without.

My Texasware mixing bowls. How did they come to be? Funny story. 
When my daughter was little, she loved Rachel Ray. She wanted a Rachel Ray bowl. Sooooo, good mommy that I am, I went on the hunt. I found several that looked a lot like hers and placed a bid or two. (or 20) I kept losing and losing and one day, I place a whole bunch, hoping I would win just one, measly bowl. Wwwweeellllllll, I won 6 bowls. Holy moly shoot the pony! I won 2 of each size. 
Now the really funny part.....she doesn't even care about the bowls. I know, right!
However, I fell in love with them and use them for storing my fruit and for hand mixing.

My pie pan. I have some metal and glass but this deep dish one is my favorite.

My ceramic loaf pan. King Arthur Flour calls it a tea cake pan. Whatever it's called, it makes a much more even sized loaf and you get a lot more slices out of the same amount of batter. 
I might as well chuck the metal ones. LOL

My KAF measuring tools. Odd spoon sizes and odd cup sizes included. 
And my good ol' biscuit cutters.

'Nuff said. She just turned 20 this month.

I just can't seem to make good biscuits or cornbread without an iron skillet. Weird, huh?

I love this. Probably just for the name: beaker. LOL 
Mine is looking pretty sad and I may just have to ask santa for a new, pretty one.

I have more than one of these. They stand alone, stick on a fridge or go around your neck....
It's a must for me.  And loud........

I have tons more stuff, but these are a few things that that add a little extra joy to the baking process. 
Not to mention far too many cookbooks. :-)

What little kitchen gadgets make you happy?


by the end of winter, my pie crust WILL look as good as this. I love the kind you just roll  out, but I want to master making it myself!! 

Happy cooking!!


  1. what kitchen gadgets make me happy? My husband who does all the cooking! haha!

  2. hahahahahahahahahahhaha I'm telling him you called him a 'tool'. hahahahahaa

  3. I'd have to say that I love my red Kitchenaid and I love my ceramic bread loaf pan AND my snazzy Rooster/Sunflower measuring spoons :)