Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sewing something for yourself

This is not me, but some brave woman whose pic is on the web. You go girl!!! I don't look a lot different though.... *sigh*                                                                                 Question for all you seamsters out there: How do you sew for yourself and not feel a touch guilty?
No, that's not really quite the right question. 
I WANT to sew for myself, but it rarely happens. Why is that?
Why do I not make that cute dress I want? I have a gazillion patterns, I know how to do basic pattern alterations, I know what will look okay on me and what won't......why do I avoid it?
I know I need to have my dress form look like me - Is that it? Do I need a *fit assistant*?
For all of you that regularly make your own every day wear, what is your motivation? 
I have lofty ideas, but it's so much easier to make a quilt top or kid clothes or a stuffy.
I have made a few pieces for myself - costumes mostly- but even those get made for someone other than me 95% of the time.
I want to change! 
What am I afraid of? Spending a bunch of time and money and not liking it? 
My shape? My color choices? ( admittedly, I have a penchant for the absurd novelty print)
I need some kick-butt advice.........and accountability partners!
Let's get me sewing for ME!!


  1. I don't sew for myself because I don't have a cookie cutter figure and with the price of fabric these days it doesn't make sense to spend all that time and money on something that might not look good on me. So I'd rather try on clothes in the store and know for sure if I like the look. Plus that gives me lots more time to quilt :)

  2. Yeah, I don't sew for myself because I hate looking at how much fabric it takes to cover my body decently. It is obscene to use that much of my fabric on just me, when all three of my kids could have something super cute out of it.
    I do have something cut out for myself right now, so wish me luck finishing it, but it is the first thing for myself in many many years, and ONLY because it is really needed.

  3. ah, people, you are supposed to encourage me to create for myself!!! Two lashes with a wet noodle for the both of you!!