Friday, September 23, 2011

Project Du Jour (month long sojourn that just might kill me)

Yep, I've been putting this off FAR too long and the time has come to get to gettin. The magic clown car sewing closet needs to be tamed. So named because no matter how much you pull out, stuff just keeps coming. LOL Thanks for the name Denise.

Starting today, I will be packing up stuff to be sorted, restored, trashed or donated by All Hallow's Eve. Yep.........fresh start and only stuff I use and love and in the process, maybe get my sewing room back instead of a guest room full of a giant bed. Maybe, just maybe.......

The dining room. My current sewing table needs to be an eating area since the mil is coming for a visit and the breakfast area only has room for three people.
 The left side of the closet. 'Nuff said.

The right side of the closet. Also 'nuff said.

The shelves in the same room as the closet. Definitely needs a thorough sorting. Where can I put my large quilting hoop? Hmmmmmmm

I will post progress as it happens. Feel free to virtually kick my booty into gear if you see me slackin'!

I may find some real goodies in there, so watch for a giveaway or two!!

(holding my breath) Here I gooooooooo............


  1. I see some "spool" fabric on the 3rd shelf, left side that I could find a home for! Have fun and oh the treasures I'm sure you'll find!

  2. Denise, you've been on vaca too long, it has your brain addled. LOL

  3. Too bad I live so far away. I'd tie a rope around my waist and jump in there......