Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Evolution Recap

 A look at the beginning.......

*weight.....I gotta, but me and carbs....we are one, so it will not be easy. Maybe even add a little movement to my life.  I've been reading about short, full blown, bursts of exercise. I think I could do that.
Okay, I did this. I started the year at 205 and ended it at 187. Not too bad, eh?
*keep working on being more social.
Did this. Hosted a few parties, Christmas and a wedding reception.

*get a part time job  I've been a stay home mom for 20+ years.....scary
Did this too. It was a temp job, but a job.

*watch one child graduate high school and one graduate college (when did that happen?) and let them keep growing up, mistakes and all.
Had no choice, this happened despite my best efforts. lol

*acquire some new skills - scary skills - skills I wasn't supposed to need for a few more years. *gulp*  Grandma skills and mother-in-law skills. O-M-G!
Yep, this one happened too. It will be a process that continues until the day I drop.

*My church bought a couple of cases of chronological bibles with a daily format and challenged us all to read the entire bible this year. Yes, there will be a test. LOL Pastor did mention that he would occasionally refer to where we should be. Evil man. :-) I accept!! but now, as a church, we have the added benefit of learning something at the same time and being able to share...with everyone...because we will be, literally, 'on the same page'. How awesome is that?!
Okay, I did this, but not well. I fell behind and played catchup too many time. 

*Being the me I am supposed to be. If I learn to listen to God better, it should happen easier than if I don't, right?
Okay, still got a lot to do on this one, but I am trying.

*To make a difference, the good kind. Not the kind that people remember with a sad little shake of their head kind.
I hope this happened. I may never know. I do know I made a difference in at least one person's life and I am not sure if it was good or bad or just a piece of my personality they couldn't handle. I'll miss her, she is kind of inspirational in the in the "get involved" thing.

I wonder what 2012 is going to surprise me with, 2011 had plenty.
I got one surprise in 2012....medical issues. Nothing to worry about, but unexpected and it definitely helped with the weight loss goal. lol
Surprise 2, my car my not make it to 2014 without major surgery or being replaced. She is making some noises and they don't sound right. She did pass smog, so maybe it's the transmission. We shall see.

The hubs changed jobs last year and it looks like he will be changing again. Just pray, k. He needs to be open to growth and change and not get bogged down in old habits and the same for his employers. A little more money couldn't hurt either...just sayin. :-)

I haven't decided on my 2013 Evolutions, but I hope I am as successful in my 2013 growth as I was with my 2012 growth!

Happy New Year.....may it only get better or the tough times make your stronger!! Ah heck, both!


  1. Way to go !!!! Very inspiring to be sure :)

  2. You had a busy 2012 and I'm sure you'll have an even busier 2013. Happy New Year my wonderful friend!

  3. totally inspiring! I may borrow a few of those for myself this year. What a great post Regena.