Friday, December 14, 2012

HO HO HO part II

I liked my steampunk ornament so much, I decided to make one for myself.
This hoop wasn't the same size, so it looks a bit different and it might need a little more work to make it perfect.
I think it still needs a little somethin to make it pop, ya know?

I am love, love, loving the vintage metal hoops right now. 

Going all monochromatic for Christmas this year.

 Six months old and ready for action!!

Yes, I am making the gramma face......she is just too much! 
It's her first Christmas and I am quite sure I won't be the only gramma spoiling this little princess!!
Next year, she will be a year and a half old at Christmas and then the magic can really begin!!


While I am celebrating with family and friends, I will also be praying for all the families in Connecticut. 
Their pain is beyond words.


  1. Such a creative idea. Glad you made one for yourself :) And love love love those chubby cheeks!!!!

  2. LOVE your steampunk ornament. but you're right, It could use a little more *pop*. Maybe a little embroidery around the edges? Can't wait to see a finished pic.