Saturday, December 29, 2012

What's Hoopin-ing?

Is that a bad pun? I know, I know. LOL
Well, bad punning aside, I have some new stuff hooped up and ready to go.

The hubs has a big b-day in Februray (5-0 ssshhhhh) 
and I am starting a set of napkins for him. 
I think all
 There will be six in all. I still need to find a boat, a tractor and a barn I like.
Me and the sticky-solvy will be one. 

What's in the hoop right now:

This one is a drawing made by a long distance quilt bud. 
She is kinda making me practice my machine quilting but since I am hooked on handwork right now.........sss sss sss

She reads my facebook/blog sooooooooo S U R P R I S E!

I will be practicing my lazy daisy, back stitch, stem stitch, french knots aaannnddddd satin stitch!

That's what I will be doing during my tv time. 
What's in your hoop?


  1. I don't use a hoop, but I love what you are doing in yours!!!

  2. I use a hoop, I like the gray and what is sticky-solvy?