Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More Christmas Cheer

I began my embroidery journey about a year ago when I hosted a stocking swap and embroidered four little letters.......all H's. lol Then I bought a quilt pattern that requires lots of embroidery.

Now, I am totally hooked.
I've bought and tried every hoop known to I must have, let's see......7 hoops, plus a few vintage metal hoops just for mounting some of my finished work.

My latest:

Is it not thee cutest little ol' thang?
Before this holiday season is over, I am quite sure I will have a few more hooped pretties (since I bought 1/2 a dozen metal hoops, I best get to making! Ha!
Happy Making!


  1. Very cute indeed :) You are getting way too good at this!!!

  2. Very cute little Doxie! and I've been stitching too and am really enjoying it. It's nice to be productive when I'm watching tv!