Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Mayhem!

This year we celebrated Christmas is a new way....Christmas Eve. My son got married and now I have to share..sniff..sniff. 
New traditions cause growing pains...why? Because we will miss what once was. Like the kids getting in bed with us Christmas morning and we all open our stockings. This year there will only be one kid jumping in the bed with a stocking. *Big sigh*
However, this Christmas Eve thing wasn't too darn bad. 

  • Granddaughter's first Christmas. 
  •  It works for the divorced peeps and the ones that have other Christmas plans so I got everyone....every one at my house this year! even 3/4 of the new inlaws. Score!

A little of our day:

Before the mayhem and mess

 The older kids waiting while the younger kids separate the gifts..ahh the techno age

Grandpa helps Bella open gifts 

Gettin messier

 It was an early morning for some after a late work night. LOL

Smoked turkey and all the fixins

Table One

Yes, the silverware matches

Table Two

Play time

cousin time

Yo Yo Yo Santa dog, what's up? 

Tomorrow we do stockings for the three of us left and then our plans are completely open and we shall dine on leftovers. It will be unlike any other Christmas Day proper, but we will adjust and meet the new traditions head on!!

Merry Christmas and may you take all your new traditions in stride.


And many prayers for those who's traditions were changed forever...............


  1. Change in itself is usually not fun. But it sounds like your new tradition is off to a great start! Our Christmas has evolved as well and although it's different, the main things stay the same. The love and joy we share whenever we are together is the main thing, and at the end of the day, that's what really matters most. Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Oh Regena, I hear ya about 'change'... yep, we too are learning about "sharing" our time,,, for Christmas... now that we go to family & friends for Christmas rather then everyone coming here... I don't have the big mess to clean up... wait,,, I just might like this new way of celebrating Christmas! lol!
    Change is good,,,and the wonderful memories we create are even better.
    Hope your Christmas was filled with wonderful memories and that you have a fab-u-los 2013
    grace aka katmom