Thursday, August 2, 2012

Crafty Chicas Weekend Update

It was over in the blink of an eye and I was ready to turn back around and do it all over again!!

This is Us at the Long Beach Quilt show..the fab four plus three extras

Me, playing with a quilting machine. 
It's a medium arm quilting machine that is stationary and totally, stinkin, fantabulous!
If anyone wins the lotto and wants to gift it to me.......I'm ready!
Actually, for what you get, it's a pretty good price....5 grand.

We swapped patriotic star blocks for a crafty chicas table runner. 
This is my block. A friendship star with a pinwheel in the center.

Here they all are laid out for swapping.....all so different but they look great together.
We each bought the same charm pack at the last quilt show so we were totally coordinated. 
They are Fab and scrappy and I ♥ them all.

the Fab Four

Denise and Amy making some kind of spring rolls

the finished products.
Like I said, it was over too soon and I can't wait for the 3rd Annual Crafty chicas Weekend.
 And maybe, jjjuusssttttt maybe, I can go thrifting and antiquing next vist....hint hint
Guess that means an extra day...oh and darn (sss sss sss)

Thank you Amy and Karen for opening your homes to us!!


A long time online quilt buddy was a docent at the show!!
I wish we could've got a pic together but she got busy and I got to lookin
Here's fellow Moosie Stephanie

Me thinks it's about time for the Moosie's to herd up!!

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  1. It was fun and went by WAY too fast again! Too bad you guys live so far away. Just think of all the trouble we could get into if you were around the corner?