Wednesday, July 27, 2011

L A or bust!!

My friend Denise and I are going down to lala land to the big giant quilt show in Long Beach.
This trip will be full of firsts!!
Our first road trip together!!
Meeting some blogger buddies that have felt like friends for-ev-er!
Our first trip to The Long Beach International Quilt Show.
Hangin in the OC (maybe we'll see the real housewives, eh?)
Going to M and L fabrics!!! Can you say: goodbye money?
Look out Karen, Amy and we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just sayin......


  1. yippee skippy!
    (technically it's our 2nd road trip - 1st was to Murphy's) does that count?

  2. eeeeeeee!!!!! :D fluffing the pillows!

  3. yes and was short, this is road trippin big time!!!

  4. I'm so excited!!! Talk about awesome sauce!!!!

  5. The four of you are going to have a blast together. I can't wait to see and read about your adventure on your blogs! Have a great time together! Wish I lived closer, I'd invite myself along!

  6. Now how cool is that! You gals are going to have a blast!!!! I'm heading to Quilt Odyssey today in Hershey PA. Quilting and chocolate is a lethal combination.

    Anyway what I really came over here to say is THANK YOU AGAIN for my beautiful Tiki Owl Apron and the lovely swap package.

  7. quilting and chocolate?? yeah!
    Glad you like your apron.....your package was so awesome that i had to send ya something nice!!