Monday, July 25, 2011

Plum Jam

What a day!!! I soooooo need to shower and peel off a few layers of sweat! LOL
It was jam making day!!
Please follow basic canning instructions from the Ball jar site, okay!! I don't want anyone getting sick. 
Bacteria is bad....just sayin.

My recipe as follows:

4 pounds of pitted can mix and match all the different kinds..washed and coarsely chopped
1 large apple (granny smith if you can find it) - grated
4 cups of sugar
big pinch of salt
a big squirt of lemon or lime juice
1/4 cup of water

Prep all you canning supplies:
My utensils all clean and dry

Pots at the ready, water a simmerin'

lids keeping warm

clean and sterilized jars keeping a toasty 180ºf  in the oven
I don't have enough room to keep them in a pot of hot water on the cook top

Plums washed
My tree is soooooooo full of little bitty plums!

el yummo!!!
chopping time

Put all your ingredients in a heavy duty pot. Bring to a hard boil as quickly as possible. Stir a lot to keep the fruit from sticking to the bottom. As you see pink foam develop, skim it off and toss it.
Boil on a pretty high heat until it reaches about 220ºf or 30-35 minutes

Ladle  into jars and process according to the canning site (about 10 minutes at a full boil)

Let cool. 
Label and store. 
Any with lids that didn't seal,  put in the fridge and eat. 
You can even share with a neighbor!!

Yes, some are upside down. I learned that somewhere........does it help?  I don't know, it's just an odd little habit. Trust me, after they boil for awhile, you don't mess with em too much and you just set them down however. LOL

I had one jar that wasn't full enough to process and I ate a little bit this morning on toast...... yyyuuummmmmmmm

Gelled nicely

Pardon me while I chew......


  1. Awesome! You are quite the Pioneer woman. So many talents and so willing to share :) I know I say this alot, but nicely done!!!

  2. yay! they look yummy! can't wait to taste it on your homemade bisquits!

  3. jelly on a biscuit? I'm a gravy girl myself. ;-)

    FYI....I weighed the plums AFTER I pitted them. If you weigh before, add about 4 or 5 ounces to the weight, k.

  4. Love! I just bought canning supplies and wait to try this! Thanks for the tut!

  5. I love homemade jam. It looks so delicious. I haven't made any jam or relish yet this summer so I need to get cracking.

  6. yummmm, dying to try need for pectin though, right?

  7. That is pectin!!

  8. I made it today!!!! It is DELICIOUS! I did forget the salt but it didn't seem to matter. I had some on toast....yum. I can't wait to line them all up! 11 1/2 pints!