Thursday, July 28, 2011

My first completed embroidery projects

Let's just say, I really, REALLY,  need me some bifocals!! My neck is not thrilled with the way I hold my head when I am trying to see what I am doing. LOL

I picked and easy peasy transfer as my first, then I went totally insane...I have no idea what I was thinking when I planned the second one. LOL

Since I am road trippin' and staying and eating and sewing with friends, I needed a hostess giftee or two. They HAD to be handmade by me. Okay, they didn't  have to, but I did it anyway.
I made some homemade jam this week, so I am wrapping the jam in some red-worked tea towels.
Not too bad for my first  two projects......I hope they think so too!!

My friend Amy loves dachshunds.

My friend Karen loves Minions. LOL

The weenie dog was pretty still took me forever, but I think it looks really good.

Ahhhh, the minion. I was actually looking for a good chicken outline. Finding nothing, I wondered what the heck I was going to do.....then it hit me....Karen loves the Movie Despicable Me.  I printed up a color book page, I tried to trace the image....I ended up free handing most of the details because of visibility issues.
It's quite clear that I don't know how to be a dainty sewista. LOL 
The emblem in the middle is a little muddled. 
Oh well, might as well jump in, head first, screamin' your head off, right?!

I am still pretty proud of myself!! New skills rock!!! Now give me that Dress Me Up! quilt pattern and let me at it!!!!


  1. These look great. Especially for a newbie! Good job.

  2. These are great and I knew who they were for before I even read the post. They will love them! I love to do stitchery. As for visibility of the pattern Here;s what I do. I tape the pattern to the window. Next I tape the fabric in place over the pattern and trace it on it pencil. If the pattern isn't dark enough I go over it with a permanent marker before hanging it on the window to trace.

  3. What a blessing these will be to your friends! You did a great job!

  4. Looking good! You're going to get totally hooked on stitching now, trust me!

  5. Oh my Goodness I love my Minion!!!! What a totally fantastic gift and he will be proudly displayed in my kitchen from this day forward! You rock Gena!!!

  6. Mafiosa, I am totally hooked!

    Karen, glad you like him!

  7. They're great! Your Minion is so very funny.

    Once you start stitching, there's no going back! You can incorporate it anywhere and it's always filled with cuteness. Well done!

  8. The minion is SO funny and cute. They both look great! I came over from SewHappyGeek!