Wednesday, July 20, 2011


20 Designers get whittled down to15 by the end of the first episode! Such drama.
Is it too much drama? I would do these kinds of shows differently. How? No one goes home the first show. 
I want to get to know the contestants; discover my favorites; bond even. I want to get a feel for how the people are going to be before Heidi tells them they are 'auf' and gives them the kiss-kiss of death.

I am slowly going through all the mini videos of this new batch of contestants. So far, I am liking the white haired one (maybe because she looks a lot like moi...I don't know) And there is one guy with a name that HAS to be fake.........seriously.....Gunnar Deathrage....he is about the most unscary person in the entire cast.
Well, back to watching their casting videos and wondering what they will be like when the pressure starts to get to them......

EEEEeeeeeeeeee I can hardly stand it!!

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  1. I hope Amy's new TV is up and running in time :)

  2. I can hardly wait!!! I'm such a sucker for this show. I don't care about fashion, it's the love of craft, I love to watch them make the clothes.