Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday, Mondaayyyyyyy  baa daaaa baa daa daa daa
If you started singing the Mama's and the Papa's, consider yourself dated. LOL
I couldn't do much on the old computer today because Dungeon Fighter Online had double XP  and every male known to my neighborhood was on the on MY computer so I got a lot of boring stuff done, ya know,,,cleaning...yuk!!

I did take a little time to enjoy a few of the simple pleasures in life:

A fresh package of pins in a pretty pincushion

A little bit of assembly line sewing and serging

And my good deed for today......donations! Some lucky teen girl is gonna be really happy.....the dot cleaned out her entire wardrobe........there is some great stuff in them there bags........most of it barely worn!!
(gotta love school uniforms, right?)

My boy finally parted with the castle........he got a lot of great years with that thing and he thought about keeping it, but he finally decided it needed to be loved by someone else. He's had it since he was about 3...sooooo, that's 16 years.....that thing is pristine still yet. Ahhhh, all the battles fought and dragons slayed...good times, good time.....................
I have a couple of medium projects to start:  two apron swaps and two panda costumes for Vacation Bible School...Panadamania!!!

I keep threatening to sew for myself, but it never quite happens.....LOL

What was your Monday like?

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