Sunday, July 17, 2011

Manic Monday - skill building

Manic...why? cuz I will be a busy little bee.
Skill building....cuz I will be taking an embroidery class!!!!

My Monday in pictures:

Dropping this one off at 7:30 to go to camp.  A lot of youth and a lot of good christian fellowship! 
And a little breaky-poo from teen angst for this here mama. Win, win!!
ps......she's not a blond anymore.That only lasted two weeks, back to our nice deep auburn/brown. :-)

My class supplies. I know I need fabric or something but I am soooo not prepared. I just barely noticed that the class, a drop-in, was THIS Monday and I was actually free. I know, right. I just have the basics becasue I know nothing but the back stitch. lol

I need to decide how to deal with my bed-skirt. It got ripped big time and I am not sure I can create a nearly invisible fix. Pretty sure I can get some organza and make it look okay....but it's in a showy spot. I may just cut off everything under the scallop and add a pop of color or a boring ol ruffle. heck, I may just patch it anyway...I really like it.  We shall see.............

Made a whole bunch of these. My mil wants six for her friends, my mom took my last stash of six AND all the tissues (thanks mom) and I need about 50 for a church lady thing in October. I have GOT to stop telling people I have these things. See the pretty swirly gold and purple? In honor of the Harry Potter Weekend!!
Why is this a Monday item? Because I have to hide them from my family....soon...before they all disappear.

Working on these two patterns this week.

This is the dress fabric. I may add another color to the mix, but I like the way these look together. I did not take a picture of the black and white fleece for the costumes. If you've seen panda colored fleece once, you've seen it a thousand times. LOL

OOOOOoo, I almost forgot...I will be making some plum jam. Got a new pot with a rack today!!
 They were totally out of the ones with the lift out rack, but I got a tool for that so no big. 
Ate a plum today, not quite ripe and I think I may have ate a bug.......I don't feel so good.

Hope your Monday is manic in the best possible way!!

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  1. OMGosh Gena! I have the EXACT SAME BED SKIRT! What are the odds???? Seriously weird. Anywaysers....have a fun day at yoru class!