Thursday, July 14, 2011


Do I have you attention? I knew I would!
I have hit the 71 mark on How exciting is that? Okay, it is to me!
Time to reward my followers with some sewing goodness.

First: I have been sewing but not completing, I am trying my hand at a fabric luggage tag.
I was inspired to make them for a couple of reasons:
*I am going on a trip in two weeks!!!! Par-tay in So Cal!
*I am in two apron swaps and need little giftees and one of my swapees is a traveler
*I got some great labels that just scream coming home (here's where the giveaway comes in)

My mess.

I didn't like this one....too plain.  Yes, the buttonhole is crooked. :-p~~~

Making this frame was too fussy

 After being frustrated for too long, I made a pie.
I will be eating a slice for breakfast in just a few minutes. It's been in the fridge alllll nniigghhhttt lloonnnggggg)

***the giveaway part***

One of my inspirations is part of the giveway!!!

I am a member of the Sweetwater Label Crew and they accidentally sent me TWO -2 of this month's little craft kits.
I don't need  two kits, sooooooooooo
My gain is now your gain!!!! This little kit is giveaway number 1.

Giveaway number 2 is this great and funky little sewing book.
 Again, my gain is your gain!

Okay, here's how I am going to work this.

All  U.S. followers are eligible for the book.
All U.S. followers PLUS international followers are eligible for the Label Crew Pattern and Labels.

Here's what you need to do to enter:
In separate posts:
*leave me a comment about your sewing/crafting/self ....that's one entry
*let me know if you are a follower or if you just became a IS a follower giveaway after all. ;-),,,that's two
*Shout to the blogosphere about following my distracted self. Okay, let people on your blog or facebook know I am having a follower giveaway and if they follow me, they too, can have a chance at some sewing goodness....that's 3

* * Important * *  
You must have contact information (email) 
You must let me know if you have a U.S.or International mailing address
Three chances to win a prize!!!

I will random number generator the winners on Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 and post the winners!
I will also send you an email and give you two whole days to respond...after which, I will pick an alternate winner. Sorry, ahead of time, if you are on vaca or's not like it's a million dollars or anything. :-)

Good luck!!!


  1. Can I just say, first off, that I am soooo impressed with your pie crust skills? I mean, seriously???

    OK...I sew. I craft :) I chat on f/b with YOU!

  2. Yay! another give-away! I am a crafter, scrapper, I like to sew and am going to eventually learn to quilt.
    Oh - and I am a Gemini and like long walks on the beach!
    I live in the U.S. and you have my email! :o)

  3. I am also a follower of your wonderfully crazy blog!

  4. Now must I say (please don't delete my comment for admitting this) I don't even like chocolate pie but that looks really good. maybe I should pretend it is lemon or something.

    Now that I have said all that...I sew, I quilt, I cook, I made a couple of cute kids and want to learn how to knit (I haven't told hubby that one yet)

  5. I found you a few weeks ago and started following. And if I'm not too distracted in the morning, I will link you up in my totally lacking of followers of a blog.

  6. wO hOOOO, i AM #72 (FOLLOWERS) the same year I grad. from High School....

  7. me again, katmom....
    I have been sewing off and on for what seems like forever.... I love making & give sewing gifts...and have had a blast on a bunch of Shawnee's Flrity Apron Swaps... and I especially luv re-purposing fabric (clothes) into aprons, totes and even kiddie the re-purpose book would be a fantastic win!
    Happy 'almost' friday.

  8. p.s. forgot to mention,, I am a former SO.CAL gal who got transplanted to East Washington....miss my SO.CAL (Moorpark).....

  9. About my sewing crafting self: I'm a hobby sew-er(is that a word?) I love to sew aprons and love working with recycled wool bits. Really if there is a craft I'll try it. I love creating and crafting!

  10. Karen, it's a premade pie crust. LOL but I did brown it beautifully. :-)

  11. I couldn't figure out what you meant by "following!" *chuckle* So, I don't do the whole Google Friend Connect thing, but I've been subscribed to your blog for a long time!

    And I think pie is perfect for breakfast, myself!

    (PS: Yes, I have TWO blogs! I thought you knew that already *laugh*)

  12. I'm not sure how I missed this blog in the past, so I'm about to become a follower. I'm here in Socal, the OC as it is. Our profiles would sound strangely similar, I too have been married for 23 years and have teenagers and was the church media chick. I'm going to have to try one of these give away's to get some followers.

  13. I am a fellow sewer, crafter and quilter. I love all crafts especially any that involve fabric.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. I'm your newest follower also! Thanks for the extra chance to win!