Friday, July 22, 2011

Let's play catch-up

First off, thanks for all those that played in my giveaway!
I will be going to the post office tomorrow.....I have a few things to mail and I want to go all on one day.

Second, it's been 71 hours and no Maureen (13) so I will be doing a new post or a redrawing for the Subversive Seamstress book. Sorry Maureen......I even waited an extra day!

Tonight is the FNSI...Friday Night Sew In (there's a link in my sidebar...I think)
I will be finishing up a apron for a swap and some little sewn goodies to go with it!
Also, my mil wants a few more tissue holders for her peeps and I have some fabric prepped for that.

I am in a mug rug swap so if I get finished with my aprons and stuff, I will be designing that as well.

I just need to make a to-sew list and stick to the schedule! LOL  I am a great planner and a slow doer. ;-)

Just because this is pictureless, let's feature a blast from the past.....
My kids circa a few years back, in the Christmas Parade! I'm guessing about 2007

 My boy is now almost a brown belt now! He's the one in the back center of the frame.

the Dot (green stripes) in the Nightmare Before Christmas
(yes, I did all the dang dresses and there is one jack in there too!!)

Just a reminder that Christmas crafting time is upon us...sooooo if you want it done by Christmas, better get your booty movin!


  1. Very cute pics! Does this mean you are getting your booty movin???????